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Farming Policy

The farmed area has grown over the years and is now around 2,500 acres of which 700 are owned by the partnership and the balance is rented from or contract farmed for local landowners.

In 2013 a new purpose built graindryer and store was built at Kensham Farm, the Svegma graindryer installed by BDC Systems has the capacity to dry 46 tonnes per hour and is linked to new storage bunkers that hold 3,000 tonnes and a conveyor to the existing grainstores.

In 2019 we invested in a further 1,400 tonnes of storage capacity at Kensham Farm adjacent to the graindryer since the 1981 Alvan Blanche dryer at Myze Farm had become too unreliable.

Current arable crops grown are milling wheat (we have a large supply contract, through the Farmer owned co-operative Openfield, with Warburtons), barley, oats and oilseed rape.

We are proud to host Open Farm Sunday on even numbered years with our neighbours Laceys' Family Farm taking on the odd numbered years. We also host regular farm walks and visits from our local Scout groups, Berkshire College of Agriculture and Chiltern Arable Group.

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