Kensham Farms

Farming Policy

The farmed area has grown over the years and is now around 2,500 acres of which 700 are owned by the partnership and the balance is rented from, or contract farmed for, local landowners.

In 1971 the former cow sheds were converted into grainstores and in 2012 we installed 30kw of PV solar panels on two of the farm buildings.  

In 2013 a new purpose built graindryer and store was built, the Svegma graindryer has a capacity of 46 tonnes per hour - linked to new storage bunkers of 3,000 tonnes with a conveyor to the earlier grainstores at Kensham Farm.

Current arable crops grown are milling wheat (we have a large supply contract, through the Farmer owned co-operative Openfield, with Warburton's bakeries), barley, oats and oilseed rape.

We also provide sites for radio aerial masts close to the adjoining M40 motorway and have converted former farm workers cottages into flats, let to tenants who work elsewhere.