Kensham Farms

Health & Harmony: The Future of Food, Farming and the Environment

Kensham Farms' Defra Consultation Response

Bryan Edgley and his family partners of Kensham Farms consider the Defra paper published in February 2018 entitled "Health & Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit" to be seriously flawed, in that it fails to recognise the success and importance of food production in Britain.

The policy objectives set out by Defra in 'Health & Harmony' primarily concern the environment. The production of high quality food, which is the basic ingredient of the very large UK food manufacturing sector, receives very little recognition in these policy proposals.

We partners of Kensham Farms think that Defra should: -

  • Encourage and support lowland farmers to produce food, and care for the environment as a by-product

  • Encourage and support farmers with Open Access Land to look after the landscape and environment, and produce food as a by-product

His Excellency Jean-Pierre Jouyet, French Ambassador to the UK discussed Post-Brexit Agriculture with Bryan and Charlie Edgley and Alex Nelms at Kensham Farm, with other farmers from Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire, on 4th May 2018.